Exness Personal Area

The popular resource Exness is a stock exchange with substantial technical and information capabilities. Over the past few years, the popularity of the website has increased several times. Now online is much more than in traditional ways. The trader needs only the Internet, money and trust to his office. Reliability of the broker is always determined by the characteristics of protection, ways login Personal Area and license. 

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Exness Personal Area is a private account of each user. Singaporeans can sign up it from anywhere in the country. Also, the website is freely available for all Asia, Europe and the USA. The primary license is international. The permission is given on Seychelles. Direct scans of the document can be viewed on the website of the brokerage company in the FAQ. 

This article will help beginners to register in the Exness Area and decide on the choice of current accounts during a personal area. 

Login Exness Personal Area 

The registration process on the website is straightforward and fast. No matter whether you choose Forex or other areas for trading, the deposit fees remain the same. You can create an account even with minimal conditions and money. It expresses the high loyalty of the resource to the new client. To create your page, the user must enter some information in the system. 

Exness login Area needs such data: 

  • Country of residence;

  • E-mail (or mobile phone);

  • Password (or mobile phone). 

After that, the account needs to be verified. Verification is a standard and secure procedure, which is required to protect the trader and his trades. To prove yourself on Exness platform, you need to fill in the following fields: 

  • full name;

  • Date of birth;

  • Address of residence. 

Also, the client confirms the mobile phone number using a secret code, which will come in the form of SMS. 

Types of Exness accounts

Exness Personal Area will offer the client to choose the main deposit to which the account will be attached. An account is an agreement between a broker and clients. The choice of the account depends only on the user. All types have different price, functionality and commission, but leverage is always the same (1:2000). There are three primary deposits available now: 

  • Standard (spread from 0.3);

  • Raw Spreads (spread from 0.0);

  • Zero (spread from 0.0). 

The main advantage of the Standard account is that there is no commission for the volume from trading. That is why this Personal Area is suitable for beginners. But the other two accounts are ideal for professionals. The commission for a lot is 3.5 on average. But if in Raw Spread it cannot exceed this index, in Zero it increases depending on the chemistry and profitability of the deal. That is where the most expensive shares are bought. 

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The functionality of Exness Singapore for trading 

Technical capabilities of Exness are outstanding because the website has repeatedly received awards for the best analytical functionality in the world. No broker has yet reached this level of online functionality. Charges to provide MT4 (5) is huge. Every Exness account is equipped with such tools: 

  • External analytics;

  • An electronic calendar;

  • Specialist support;

  • Access to private news portals;

  • User-friendly analytical interface.